ACES Membership Opportunities

Enhance Your Existing Business With Deodorization Services

Odor removal services can be a great addition to your already existing business. Some business owners find deodorization so lucrative that it becomes the main branch of their business. We have the products and training that will allow you to utilize deodorization in whatever capacity you choose.

Clo2 deodorization is great for:

  • Restoration: Clo2 can be used for sanitization, removing odors caused by water or fire damage, and mold remediation.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Clo2 simplifies your cleaning regimen. Instead of using multiple deodorizers for various smells, use one super effective product that will eliminate all of them. Pet odors, water, mold/mildew, smoke, and other smells can all be eradicated with Clo2.
  • Janitorial: Clo2 products are a great addition to any janitorial or maid service company. Aces offers many different Clo2 products for small sanitization and deodorizing issues like trash or pet smells as well as bigger problems like smoke removal. Clo2 has all the beneficial properties of cleaning and deodorization while being nontoxic.

No matter what service you provide, odor removal can be vital part of your business. Aces is here to provide you with the tools to make your business thrive. For access to addition training documents, videos, and webinars with Clo2 experts, consider signing up for our membership program!

Interested in Membership? We Make it Easy!

With our membership program, you will be offered opportunities and introductions along the way that you can choose to use or ignore.  We have so much more to offer you in addition to odor removal.  While not all services are free, we always offer our ACES members first right of refusal and discounts that non-members are not privy to.  

What are the Benefits of Membership?

First and foremost, you will have access to our team of experts and our ever-growing group of odor removal specialists. We have all been where you are and are willing to share with you what we have learned to ensure your success.  We will provide you with the building blocks to create a successful business, but the best part is that the business is yours to create and run the way that YOU want. No percentages to share with us, no “must use” products, no minimums. This is not a franchise. We want you to succeed, however, so we do offer you many of the things you might find in a franchise.  Some are included in the membership, and some are things you can choose to add revenue to your business.

What do We Offer Our Members?

The Best Products On The Market

We will provide you with the best chlorine dioxide products available, & train you how to use these products to guarantee 100% success!

Excellent Phone Support

We offer what other companies do not.  A real live person to answer your questions about your specific jobs.

Professional Expert Training

We provide all of our members access to our exclusive content of training videos, webinars, documentation, Facebook groups, and so much more!

Real World Business Advice

We will share advice on insurance, pricing, bidding the job and more! As well as access to individuals who are having success in this industry right now! We will even include documents created by trainers and members for use in your business helping you get on the fast track right away!

Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

We will not saturate your market area with other members. You will enjoy virtually no competition – while big cities will be shared, it will never be like other industries, with 200 companies within 20 square miles. We want you to profit, & are 100% dedicated to your individual success.

What We Expect from Our Members

We want members that are active in their area.  We want you to add to the building blocks we give you and create an amazing business and life for yourself.  While we do not have minimum purchase orders like most membership companies, it is how we make our money, so of course we want people to be doing jobs, and buying products.  If you are not active or otherwise buying product, we do reserve the right to put another person in your area.  Please note that we give you ample time to establish your business.

We will keep a credit card on file for product purchases and membership dues.  It is your responsibility to keep us up to date with credit card expiration dates and when you switch cards. We are all human and make mistakes so the first oops is free.  After that a $25.00 fee will be accessed if your card does not go through.

Annual membership dues are due each year on the same month as when you signed up.  You may continue as long as you like. You have no contractual obligation to stay.  If you choose to leave, and then decide you want to come back, it will be at our discretion whether you can return.   If allowed to return, you will return at the going membership rates at that time.  If you leave, you will no longer have access to ordering products from us.

We want you to succeed and will work hard to help you succeed.  Please use the resources we provide you, call us and ask questions, and follow the guidelines we have set forth and you WILL be successful!  Have fun!  We look forward to working with you!

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