Meet the aces team

We want you to succeed and will work hard to help you succeed.  Please use the resources we provide you, call us and ask questions, and follow the guidelines we have set forth and you WILL be successful!  Have fun!  We look forward to working with you!
Mary Lou Weaver | Owner/CEO

Mary Lou is the owner of ACES Environmental Services LLC. She and her brother, Jim Taylor, have been working with the manufacturer since 2009 to establish high quality, industrial grade Clo2 products for the end-users. She has enjoyed hearing the testimonies of so many positive results using Clo2, from homeowners to the professional crews to industrial users.

Phone: 620-341-9529

Richard O'Rourke | Master Trainer

Rick is the owner of DR Services of Eastern Massachusetts & The Rug Resort. a career cleaner, mold remediator, disaster recovery, & deodorization specialist with decades of experience. Rick provides our members with advice on business growth, as well as on-the-job assistance to our members insuring the best outcome possible.

Phone: 617-590-7423