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Welcome to Aces Environmental Services LLC™. With the U.S. air freshener market size valued at 1.62 billion dollars in 2016, odor removal is an untapped market, and we are going to teach you how to tap into it. We are at the forefront of the cleaning industry with the most effective deodorization product to date. We offer products for odor control, carpet cleaning, disinfection, mold remediation, and sealant.

With Clo2, deodorization has never been easier or more lucrative. At ACES, we are here to be a resource if you are looking to expand your cleaning business or start a new business in your area. Our national membership program will provide you with cutting edge products, connect you with others in the business, provide expert training and business advice.

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About Clo2

Clo2 is a chemical compound known as Chlorine Dioxide. This miniscule compound (80 times smaller than a molecule of smoke) is optimal for neutralizing and eliminating odors. Clo2 is so effective because it oxidizes organic matter on the molecular level. This process prevents odors from returning. It is more effective than other cleaning agents, without any of the toxic qualities associated with products like bleach and ozone. Clo2 permeates every nook and cranny of a space, eradicating odors and leaving behind a slight chlorine scent.

Discovered in 1811, by Sir Humphrey Davey, Clo2 has been used for everything from water sanitation to decontaminating the White House after the anthrax attacks in 2001. It was also instrumental in eliminating mold in homes affected by flooding during Hurricane Katrina. Today, Clo2 is used to clean and deodorize everything from homes to cars to businesses. It is 100% effective at eradicating odors from mold, pet urine, smoke, food, skunk and more! No other product is as effective as Clo2.

Aces is the largest Clo2 dealer and Clo2 training company in the world. When you join Aces, you’ll learn everything you need to know to incorporate this revolutionary cleaning product into your business.

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Who Needs Clo2 Deodorization?

Odor removal services can be a great addition to your already existing business. Some business owners find deodorization so lucrative that it becomes the main branch of their business. There is no shortage of potential clients who need these services.

Real Estate

Realtors, Homeowners, Landlords, House Flippers


Dealerships, Auto Detailers, Rental Companies


Residential & Commercial Cleaners, Sanitation


Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Nursing Homes


Schools, Dorm Rooms, Daycare Facilities

Fitness & Wellness

Gyms, Yoga Studios, Spas


Commercial Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Bars


Hotels, Casinos, Conference Centers

Animal Control

Animal, Pest, and Pet Odors

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